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Attending : Dollfest Malaysia 2016

Hello everyone !

I hope everything goes well. I'm here to share my experience on attending the Dollfest Malaysia 2016 hosted by Malaysian doll owners.

The event details as below :
Even title        :    Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Date                :   1 May 2016, 10.00am - 6.00pm
Venue             :    Makespace, Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. 
Entrance Fee :    RM5

This is the second year they hold the event. The first one was on 25th April 2015 in different venue. It was small meanwhile crowd was big. So that's an improvement when they held the event in Makespace.

If you wish to view last year's event , check my Flickr album. I attended as Dollfie Dream Malaysia booth guardian :p

Dollfest - Photobooth

 : Load pictures ahead !

This time, I came as regular visitor. The event booths are strict for handmade items. I have nothing presentable yet , thus I was hoping the event as a rendezvous point for my doll friends. I also have to pass my doll heads face up commission to the customer as promised.

We had our little corner on the edge of the hall to place our dolls. The tables and chairs are tall ! It caused the hard time for myself to settle the doll.

As previous one, there was lucky draw sessions, divided by two categories : attendees and to whom purchased over RM80 in single booth (he/she got 1 entry each RM80 spent).

The booth liners were increased too, so many new faces c: ! I'm happy to see more handcrafters grow  in Malaysia. There's a booth came as far from Thailand
(Noolek HappyMade Shop)

I'm hoping Malaysia will go big as our neighbor countries such Singapore and Thailand. Also, I really wanted oversea talented crafters come to open their booth here.

The haul, I didn't get much because my car broke down on the day before (it was horrendous experience! ) and I had to pay in great amount. I thought I don't wish to get anything expensive or none at all ( kinda fail on that).

Here's picture of Marissa posing with stuffs I get from Dollfest Malaysia.

Mahou Shoujou

So, there are :
1. Red ribbon
2. Antler and flowers headband
3. Blue shaved ice ( I got it from attendee lucky draw  ( ・౪・)
4. A YOSD fit KIKIPOP! magic girl dress set
    (gifted by Satsuki Kyo, a friend who won this on lucky draw but she doesn't have YOSD size doll)
5. A lacey dress made by talented Red Cherry by Jazzle Fermin 
    (picture below on right side) , payment will be in layaway

Dollfest Malaysia 2016

I was also helping some friends to get some stuff in the event. They could not come due to distance and personal things to attend. I had to take pictures once I arrived and shared to them so they could choose and run around to get the stuff they wanted. It was a favor.

The sad thing about the event is the Dollfie Dream Malaysia group was not given chance to have the display booth (for free) like previous event. There was only 1 display booth by WeirdSoulOOAK (I'm not sure it's given free or required payment). Despite, the event space was big, I'm sure can fit another display table. That made me as Dollfie Dream owner, sit scattered from others :(

Another thing is the even lighting was super dim, like sleep lights dim ! Taking clear photo was nightmare, need great editing to look brighter.

Dollfest Malaysia 2016

Dollfest Malaysia 2016
WeirdSoul OOAK booth

I came quite early , around 10.30am and left early too (at 5.00pm+ , should be earlier but I've waited for final lucky draw winners announcement ) because I have night out with my girls later on.

It was quite worth to wait until the end because I could see my friend won the grand prize of the lucky draw, an OOAK monster high doll by WeirdSoul lOOAK.

photo credits to Facebook Satsuki Kyo

Overall, I had fun in tiring day. I'm thankful for some doll friends who stuck with me until the end. I can feel there are gaps in between doll groups but those who never put each other away aside and stay friendly, I thank you.

We all need to be united, there's no need for you to show awkward face just because everyone have different passion or just simply never get to know each other. Just welcome everyone to the community. Make them love and feel belong in here.

That's all from me, below are some highlights photo I captured from the event, it's few because I don't feel need to cover everything with that kind of lighting.

Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016

Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016
Dollfest Malaysia 2016

For more picture, please follow my Flickr :

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