About Miko

Miko (not actual name), borned in 1989, also known as Miko Nyan or Miko Hon3y3a3y among my works. I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I'm a degree holder in Graphic Design & Multimedia. Currently, I'm working in private company.

However, my interest is towards illustration, especially characters design. Currently, I'm working in creative-related area & doing freelance job of printing basis's design.

I could say myself is hybrid girl because I put collection in my priority before myself. My hobbies include drawing, listening to music, singing, dancing, playing electronic games
(computer / console / gadget / arcade) and collect dolls / plushies / figurines.

Why Miko Wall blog created?

This is where I considered  my personal space where I could write my thought about everything and share to public what interesting things I encounter in my life. It's just my life slice stories and anyone is welcome to share the experience.

As a Ball-Jointed Doll Collector

I started this hobby since August 2013 when my first doll, Chiyo, arrived. I've been stalk these doll since I attende local comic-anime-cosplay convention called Comic Fiesta in 2010. There were booth owners who display their dolls and since then, I gain my interest to posses one. I'm building my BJD family and they are my aesthetic subject of photography.

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