Tuesday, 29 August 2017

I'VE STRAYED FROM PLAN | (Roa 's Arrival)

Hey everyone, guess what? I have a new doll.

That's not surprising?

Hah ! Hear me, the doll is not in my wishlist; it's even something I tried to avoid in my collection.

I broke my words, I strayed from my plan !  / / / / つд `) 

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Attending : Animangaki 2017

It's August of the year 2017 and Animangaki is back ! The location is same, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre but it's earlier on date. The theme this year is Magic & Elements. They said upon entrance, you will be sort to each house elements , fire, grass or wind; however I never really pay attention on in house event and just go wherever I want.

This year, I could attend only on Day 2 due to other commitment and the ticket price has increased to RM30 / day. So, it's a wise decision to go for one day; when I didn't looking forward to the whole
event program. I've noticed the reduction of people attended because it wasn't so pack compared to previous year. Hmm, maybe it's just me or it's people rather crowd on Day 1.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Attending : Dollfest Malaysia 2017

It's been awhile and quite late I would say. Hereby is my summary on recent local doll-related event in Malaysia, the annual Dollfest Malaysia.

The details as below :

So, from last year event, the venue has changed to RUANG, Subang, Selangor and the ticket has increased to RM10. Although the theme is Alice in something Wonderland, I didn't really pay attention on it. The event venue is ok , the lighting definitely better even it's smaller.

What different from previous year's I attended, this time I opened selling booth together with my friend under our doll shop name, DollCollé - Doll & Apparel.

credit photo to FB :  kyosatsuki