Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Haunt Begins

Hey,  finally I got the chance to share out my new boy (or demon..? uhh..) I named him Castiel , inspired from the series 'Supernatural' who famous with the Winchester brothers. Castiel is one of the angels inside the story. Contrarily, my Castiel is actually a demon. He's a mix of  Vampire &  Succubus night creature.

In this entry, I got to show him in person because previously I have his floating head for few months and
I got blog's entry for his head review, click here.

Castiel's body is from different company. I got Spiritdoll Proud Male Ver. 2 (normal skin) - 70m. I can't go along with original body because the size is huge, 80cm! I did some research before choosing the suitable body for him. I am lucky to know some acquittance who apparently own the same sculpt. Therefore,
I went for the same option.

Castiel body was ordered on 21 March 2014 and arrived on 10 June 2014.

KASTAM/CUSTOM Issues Holding Parcel

There was difficulty with local custom when he's here. Apparently, it almost seasonal month, thus my Government would try anything to gain money from people. It was first time my parcel was hold by Kastam / Custom. I did some research on internet and big chance is , I have to pay the import duty fee. They just hold your parcel randomly and it's my bad luck this time.

I did not have much money on that time. However, my father & my little brother paid me visit and my dad so kindly offer to go together with me to the Kastam office which located 1 hour + from my house.

Usually they will charge 10% from item price for the fee, I got some advice from doll friend that don't let them know the original price. I figured out to manipulate it by not bringing the  receipt. It was a success but I kinda failed it because I miscalculate and put the price bit higher than I thought. (blame for my silly brain who don't comprehend math). Kastam officer does check the item price according to any sources they could reach if we don't bring the item receipt as proof, but doll hobby, the uniquely is, it will not able to reach many of these 'common' people. So I was safe to manipulate the fee I was about to be charge. Tehehehe..

Here's the long box I received :

I surprised that I get the doll bag. I didn't expect they will send me doll body with a good doll bag. Plus, it's included with huge cushion to wrap on doll secure for impact. Oh how much I love this kind of service. They didn't mention this kind of privilege. 

I'm happy to have this after all the troublesome in the local Kastam/Custom. (*´・v・) 

Here's the outlook view of front and back for Castiel's body.

It look rather slender and slim compared to Kash's body. Of course, he's even taller. Surprisingly, this body pose well. It has lock system on arm part. I quite fell in love with this body ! ❤⃛  As recommended it's resin colour matched my IOS Infernale head well.

This is the stats of the body (not included head)

*Height: 70 cm
*Girth of the head: 22 cm
*Girth of the neck: 10.5 cm
*Width of the shoulder: 16 cm
*Length of the arms: 21 cm
*Girth of the chest: 32.5 cm
*Girth of the waist: 23 cm
*Girth of the hips: 29.5 cm
*Length from shoulder to hip: 20 cm
*Girth of the thigh: 17 cm
*Girth of the calf: 12 cm
*Length from bellybutton to foot: 45 cm
*Length of the feet: 8.5cm

and.. /gg what's unique about this body sculpt is... he has ATTACHABLE PENIS and he came with 3 types of erection level. LOL ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Check this out.

Mwahahaha.. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I know you found this funny but it's TRUE. The penises are attachable with the magnets. However, I could find any use of these because I rather let him no penis while wearing clothe. It should be easier , right?

Unless.. ehem.. you and me got funny idea to create the *cough* doll *cough* porn..*cough* o(-`д´- 。)

In conclusion, regardless anything, I'm glad my Castiel is complete now !

He's mine sexy beast in the house. 8) For now, I haven't received his clothe, no much photo shoot I can do right now, unless he's naked all over the time. LOL

Hey, do check my Flickr, there's more photo I shared rather in the blog. It's worth to take a peek ;)

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