Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review : Mako Eyes

This is a quick review. Actually, I received these eyes like few weeks ago, but now I managed to complete a good report of it. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Warning : My camera doesn't provide me very good macro pictures. So, there are non good quality pictures included.

Top : Dream of Doll Acrylic Eyes
Bottom : Urethane Mako Eyes

I joined a local group order (GO) for Mako Eyes ( to save of shipping fee. Plus, I really wanted to get new eyes for Chiyo.

Take a note that this is my first eyes purchase, I was fortunate to found someone did the GO and Makoeyes received good feedback on their eyes. Even the price isn't bad, it's 25USD each pair.

I purchased 2 pair of eyes which are :
 ● AM-016    (16mm) [link]
 ● CAPa-019 (14mm) [link]

*I requested AM-016 without the glitters due to my personal perception,
glitters aren't natural.

The eyes arrived on 15 March 2014.  The eyes took 2-3 weeks to ship. Quite sometime, I guess they don't have ready stock, eyes made based on order received.

Once I got home, I took some quick pictures and do the comparison.

Chiyo was excited for the new eyes!
(Picture was taken under fluorescent light)

 ● AM-016
Comment : not what I was hope to be, the company photo is greyish blue. However, what I got now is really sea-blue.

 ● CAPa-019
 Comment : The texture of eyes are same as company photo. The colour is off, again, too blue-ish. I wanted a greyish blue ! (´Д`)

I got Chiyo wears the AM-016 during the doll meet and here's how she look.

Fortunately, the eyes fit her skin and look very well. So, I keep them. You notice how I positioned Chiyo's eyes differently from her original green Acrylic eyes look. As result, yes she look more bold and fierce as before. σ(≧ε≦o)  I can't even tell she's from Dream of Doll Petsha with this appearance.

How about the other eyes, CAPa-019 ? I did try put those on her, but I didn't manage to snap picture because I was tired.

Well, that eyes is 14mm, I could easily position the eyes right in middle socket when I wanted less half iris shown. Actually, I was struggling in the doll meet to adjust the eyes position of the way Chiyo look in picture. The eyes are off sides in the eyes sockets because the iris is big (16mm)

Do visit my flickr if you wish to see Chiyo's look before and now.
Clicky here ➨  Miko^Hon3y3a3y Flickr

Conclusion :
Urethane eyes reflect light better than Acrylic eyes. Though, Acrylic eyes give more realistic texture appearance. I totally will looking forward to continue buy from Mako Eyes and be more careful on colour option. Do some research from past buyers of the series I wanted. ヾ(@゜∇゜@)ノ

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