Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Attending : Dollfest Malaysia 2017

It's been awhile and quite late I would say. Hereby is my summary on recent local doll-related event in Malaysia, the annual Dollfest Malaysia.

The details as below :

So, from last year event, the venue has changed to RUANG, Subang, Selangor and the ticket has increased to RM10. Although the theme is Alice in something Wonderland, I didn't really pay attention on it. The event venue is ok , the lighting definitely better even it's smaller.

What different from previous year's I attended, this time I opened selling booth together with my friend under our doll shop name, DollCollé - Doll & Apparel.

credit photo to FB :  kyosatsuki

Unfortunately, there's no event photo from me because I was so busy with my booth, therefore I had to share from other's collection. This is the best overall photo of my booth. Most of the dolls on display are belong to friends who kindly place them for decoration.

credit photo to FB :  aydan.iii

The dolls that I brought with me were Misa & Mayu. Misa is wearing for the first time the Natsuki's White Bear outfit from Volks that I just purchased (after wanting it for so long ! ) and meanwhile, Mayu is dressed  as 'neko school girl'.

credit photo to Flickr :  satsukikyo

As we understand, Dollfest Malaysia is all about handmade market. No 3rd party / second hand item allowed on selling booth.

Although, I still wish Malaysia has open doll market. It means agents, local artist and official shops are allowed to sell their stuff, which gives more variety and convenient for doll parents to shop their dollies need. It's just a dream unless there's sponsors around for this small Malaysian market.

So, what were I sold in Dollfest Malaysia? I'm excited to let you know I launched my animatic eyes. I released two series so far, 'Doki-doki' and 'Ooki' series :

They were sold for MYR35 /pair and available in size of 20mm & 22mm. If you unable to get in Dollfest Malaysia 2017, don't worry as I will put them on sale on DollCollé - Doll & Apparel's website. I also plan to release more design in future. The sale I made on that day was good and I appreciate some customers posted pictures of their dolls wearing them.

Moving on next to my haul. I didn't expect to spend this much because I hope to save some cash. However, the resistant is weak and I bought few stuff. What I excited about was getting clothes for my hybrid nendoroid with obitsu 11cm body. Due to business, I went through other booths in evening side when most of the good stuffs are sold out. However, this haul is quite good.

I bought all of them except the small blue dress. It was a gift from my friend, aunty Jazzle. She sew herself and she has a shop in Facebook named Red Cherry by Jazzle Fermin. She is very talented and kind lady.

This dress although specifically made for Blythe, my Hello!Kikipop, Marissa, is rocking the dress so well.

Blue dress gift

That's all for this post, again, I'm sorry I was unable to snap good photos during the event including my OWN booth. I totally forgot about it and trusted my friend to snap pictures for me but nothing came good.

Though, I came across to a live video from another booth owner, Tanpopodoll from Thailand. In the video, she went around through the venue but it's not fully English audio. If you interested to roughly how was the event, here's the video :

credit video to Tanpopocoll

There will be new event for the first time in future, it's called Doll Furiimarket. It's mainly for booth owner who wishes to sell second-hand items of dolls and collector toys such Nendoroid. Yet, agent / 3rd party seller isn't allowed.

I'm not too sure about this event as the booth fee has increased and chance to open booth here if I could share with few people.

Oh well, I still wish our doll collection scene will grow in Malaysia so we could have bigger events that include official doll shop, agents and local talent.

Thank you for reading.

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