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Attending : Comic Fiesta 2016

Comic Fiesta 2016 Banner

Year 2016 almost come to end and of course the annual ACG event is happening ! The venue is changed again and they decided to it in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC). (ʘᗩʘ’) I'm not familiar with that building but I've been there once and it isn't big. Would it fit Comic Fiesta (CF) attendees?

I only went on 1 day , 18 Dec, since the ticket price increased. It's RM25/day now. Since PWTC is accessible by Komuter train (KTM), husband, lil' bro and I ride that public transport and we needed to walk around 5 meters to reach the building.

I had early ticket (bought from a friend) and the rest two have to purchase at the counter itself. As I known, the walking patch for the early bird ticket holder and none were different.
Comic Fiesta 2016 map

Brace ourselves, LONG DISTANCE WALKING. I have to take off my heels because my feet couldn't stand anymore, plus the pathways were hilly. I made the right choice to carry along sandals together. The weather wasn't helpful neither. It was hot and humid. I was on full makeup and sweating profusely. I didn't bring any handkerchief but just 2 small packets of face tissues.

The pathway we must follow lead us to Hall 1. Imagine this, we had to cross over the next building connected by a bridge. Once arrived, I was hoping for a nice cold breeze of air conditioner. Instead, it's just mildly. I knew the crowd was huge and being stuck in one single place would heat up the temperature. However, its still bearable until we reached Hall 2.

My God, the air ventilation was horrible, it was so hot even though they put air conditioners and few ground fans at few spots on side of the hall. Sometime, we had to park beside the fan just to cool down. We got so thirsty that we finished each of our own small bottle of water. Luckily, my hubby helped us to get out from the hall to get us big bottle of water (which mean he had to walk again the circle to enter the Hall 2 because there's no shortcut and the food stalls were outside of the building). Actually, I brought my doll to carry around during the event but she never get out from the bag. It was a right decision since I didn't want her to be around in that 'sauna'. I would get her dirty and worse , losing few of her accessories within the crowd.

My main focus of attending CF was to get cool merchandise (even though little broke that time :p) and meeting friends. I prefer to be within doujinshi / original fan artworks. This year, the trend on fan art is on Mystic Messenger, an otome game and Yuri on ice, an ice skating anime. I don't watch that anime, not my cup of tea for sport-themed anime. As expected, on Day 2, many good stuffs were sold out, but that's ok. I could save more? I've seen the increasing number of booth this year. There were more trusted figures shop around (oh I hate so much those commercial booth who sold bootlegs figures). I managed to grab couple cool stuff which I have posted the picture down below.

I didn't snap much photo during event, including our GROUP PHOTO! Grr.. These are few pictures I got from venue.

and lastly, my CF'2016 loots, all of them except in yellow 'circles' since it's COD/gift from friends :

 Most are Kancolle and Mystic Messenger stuff

In conclusion, I don't really enjoy CF this year. Maybe because of the venue and its temperature. My make up kinda melted and I ran out of the tissues. I was pre-sick that time, had flu or/and fever. Worst thing was my skin got rashes in the end the day (this never happen to me before !)
My skin looks greyish white because I applied some anti-bacterial powder, you could 
see he spots of rashes

Tips : In the future, just wear baggy white clothe (bring sweater in case venue get colder) , tie hair up high, no makeup just moisturizer, powder and lip balm to walk through event, it will be pleasant journe

I hope Comic Fiestadoesn't repeat in PWTC again in the future.

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