Friday, 25 November 2016

Not An Ordinary Girl. . (Miya's Arrival)

(^▽^) Yay, I'm excited to announce my 'special' girl arrival.

What makes her special? It's because in the beginning I don't expect to get her but the feel grown into me. Again, I got my wishlist too soon before my finance is stable (damn you surprise sale!).

I guess by the pictures, you could guess where my new daughter came from, its RAP Pink Drops Honoka(ᗒᗨᗕ)

The big pink box

This is the story of how I got her :

I was browsing around Facebook and suddenly FaithZ (a doll agent in Hong Kong) shared the news that Real Art Project (RAP) is opening the pre-order of Honoka ver.2. on early mid June 2016, released on early September 2016 . The ver.1 was released on early July 2015. The noticable difference between the ver.1 and ver.2 is the new one is built with soft skin vinyl torso (squishy soft) and my doll came nude, so I'm not sure the ver.1 comes with clothe.

Open mouth with tongue out

So, I've decided to not let go this chance, as everyone knows that new doll is always better to purchase while the company release.

I did compared the cost price between getting the doll direct from RAP or thru FaithZ, the doll agent. I knew that I couldn't get direct purchase from RAP since I'm not sure if they ship internationally and the website is fully in Japanese. I still need to use a middle agent from Japan to help me on the oversea shipment. Meanwhile , FaithZ will handle the rest and they quoted the price on their website including everything like fee and shipping. Turned out that both prices just little difference and I used FaithZ 's service instead.

What's good about FaithZ is they offered layaway program up to 3 months. I was silly when I broke their rule by thinking that I'd paid them the deposit (1/3 of total) and the balance will be settle upon item reached to them and ready to ship. Well actually, I need to to pay 3 parts of payment according to their scheduled timeline. く(^﹏^" )ノ However, they understand my misunderstanding and let me loose about paying the balance on 3rd payment time frame.

On the 10 days of September ends, I received the parcel tracking information of my parcel has been hold by custom (not a surprise lol). I went to collect her on September 23rd accompanied by my husband. I was little lucky that the officer was little blur about the calculation, I paid the tax less than I should.

Malaysia's custom is strict about imported item so they will check the contain. What I understand, there's an issue about toy/doll that looks lewd/sexy will be compensate. I took a step early by informing the doll agent to wrap my doll body so it covers the private parts. There was no issue regarding me claiming my parcel in the office. Phew. Maybe another bright reason is because I'm female. So it's stereo-typically normal for us to play with doll

Wrapped to safety

Thus, officially September 23rd is Miya's birthday ! Yes, I've decided to name her Miyabi , or in short Miya and she has longer full name that I haven't figure out yet.

Being me, I get stuff done when I got the time and mood, on October 18th I've finally unbox her. That's long to keep new doll in the box, I wonder where the excitement to open fresh box just when I got it. Hmm. Plus, it was done super late, round 2.30am? Inspiration comes in random time. (〃⊙౪ ⊙)/

Close to 3am and shooting video xD

As a result, I published the unboxing video on November 22nd. That's long process and not to mention the video length is quite long too. However, if you really have interest on the doll, you would watch it till finish :)

Besides that, I did snap some close up photos of the doll and everything inside the box. You may view it in my flickr gallery below :

 (Note :  Some photos requires Yahoo login to verify your age since I put them age-restricted content as they're not appropriate  for under 18 years old audience)

At this time, I don't have proper photo of her, by means, she's in complete dress up. I'm still working on it and surely upload them in my Flickr. So, make sure you 'Follow' my Flickr for the latest update.

That's the end of this post. I get going play with Miya . See ya 

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